Crochet Workshop :: Squares

Ok, so these are usually called granny squares and maybe that makes you feel like a granny for wanting to learn this.  But this crochet party trick is being revived in many cool, modern and addictively fun ways.

Take this class and learn basic stitches, how to read a crochet pattern, and master a foundation for projects big and small.

Once you learn to make a granny square you’ll find yourself wanting to make more.  What I find so satisfying about them is that they are small and manageable, and super customizable.  They let me explore different yarns and color ways and I can whip one out quickly and feel the satisfaction of finishing something.  They help me satisfy my creative itch without delving into a massive all consuming undertaking. 

It’s a great mini project to fill up free moments when you want to feel productive, but not too productive. 

No crochet experience required.

What to bring

All materials included

What we provide

expert instruction
all the materials and supplies